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Name Program Area Email
Adams, Ashley MS Student Forest Ecology
Armitage, Shannon MFR Student Sustainable Forest Resource Management
Banerjee, Amita MS Student Plant Ecophysiology
Becker, Kendall MS Student Forest Ecology
Behling, Shawn PhD Student Forest Ecology
Bridegam, Patrick MS/MPA Student (Evans School) Social Sciences
Cahill, Jim PhD Student Social Sciences
Cansler, Alina PhD Student Fire and Mountain Ecology
Case, Michael PhD Student Climate Change
Cassell, Brooke PhD Student Fire Ecology
Denkers, Elyse MEH Student Restoration Ecology
Diemer, Jon MEH Student Restoration Ecology
Dietzen, Christiana PhD Student Forest Soils
Dittbrenner, Ben PhD Student Forest Ecology
Dou, Chang PhD Student Bioresource Science and Engineering
Hagmann, Keala PhD Student Forest Ecosystem Analysis
Halabisky, Meghan PhD Student Remote Sensing/Landscape Ecology
Howard, Malcolm MEH Student Restoration Ecology
Kandel, Shyam L. PhD Student Sustainable Resource Management
Kazzi, Mikhael MFR/PCMI Student Sustainable Forest Resource Management
Lenentine, Miku PhD Student Social Sciences (Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Management Lab)
Littlefield, Caitlin PhD Student Landscape Ecology
Michelsen-Correa, Stephani PhD Student Forest Soils
Moritz, Martha MEH Student Restoration Ecology
Pietri, Diana M. PhD Student Social Sciences
Pingree, Melissa PhD Student Forest Soils and Fire Ecology
Restaino, Christina MS Student Fire and Mountain Ecology
Scullion, Jason PhD Student Ecosystem Conservation and Management
Smith, Jeffrey PhD Student Wildlife Science
Stacy, Gwen MFR Student Natural Resource Management
Tomasevic, Jorge A. PhD Student Wildlife Science
Tramon, Sebastian PhD Student Social Sciences
Uyeda, Linda PhD Student Wildlife Science
Vondrasek, Chris MS Student Landscape Ecology/Remote Sensing
Walker, Lauren PhD Student Wildlife Science
Wing, Seth MS Student Forest Soils