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The public is welcome to attend any of the School's weekly seminars. The Environmental Science and Resource Management Seminar (ESRM 429), the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences Seminar (SEFS 529) and the Wildlife Science Seminar (ESRM 455) are offered every Autumn, Winter, and Spring Quarters. In addition, the Silviculture Seminar (SEFS 526) is offered in Spring Quarter.

Undergraduate Course Descriptions:
Environmental Science and Resource Management (ESRM prefix)
Bioresource Science and Engineering (BSE prefix)

Graduate Course Descriptions:
School of Environmental and Forest Sciences (SEFS prefix)

Course Schedules:
ESRM Quarterly Course Schedule
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Course Policies:
Academic Integrity: Plagiarism, cheating, and other misconduct are serious violations of your contract as a student. We expect that you will know and follow the UW's policies on cheating and plagiarism. Any suspected cases of academic misconduct will be handled according to UW regulations. More information, including definitions and examples, can be found at

Disability Accommodations: To request academic accommodations due to a disability, contact Disabled Student Services, 448 Schmitz, 206-543-8924 (V/TTY). If you have a letter from Disabled Student Services indicating that you have a disability which requires academic accommodations, present the letter to the instructor so that we can discuss the accommodations needed for the class.

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