The Director's Office is responsible for overseeing the operations of the entire School. As such it houses the School's Office of Student and Academic Services, Financial Services, Information Technology, and Administration. To contact staff in one of these offices, visit our directory.

The Director's office is located in Anderson 107.

Contact Director Tom DeLuca at:

Tom DeLuca, Director
School of Environmental and Forest Sciences
University of Washington
Box 352100
Seattle, WA 98195-2100


Phone: 206.685.1928

From the Director's Office:

Changes in Graduate Recruitment Fellowship Procedures (pdf) March 12, 2012

Strategic Task #2, Developing a Coordinated Research and Outreach Enterprise (pdf) January 24, 2012

Appointment of ad hoc Committee on Altenative and Emerging Instructional Approaches (pdf) January 3, 2012

SFR becomes School of Environmental and Forest Sciences (pdf) December 30, 2011

SFR Name Change Approved (pdf) and Letter from Interim Provost Approving Name Change (pdf) October 5, 2011

Acting Director Appointed for October 11-November 13, 2011 (pdf) October 5, 2011

SFR Director Position Description Draft #1 (pdf) September 28, 2011

Report to ONRC Staff (pdf) August 18, 2011

SFR Welcomes New Faculty Member Fernando Resende (pdf) August 4, 2011

Preparation for 2011 Retreat (pdf) July 26, 2011

Budget Cuts FY 2012 (pdf) July 15, 2011

Research Proposal Policy (pdf), July 1, 2011

Graduation Celebration 2011 (pdf), June 10, 2011

Director Candidates Announced (pdf), May 12, 2011

Institute of Forest Resources bill signed by Governor (pdf), May 4, 2011

UW Botanic Gardens Interim Director Appointment (pdf), March 3, 2011

CoEnv submits 2012 Budget Response Form to UW Planning and Budgeting (pdf), February 14, 2011

Agenda for February 16, 2011 All-School Meeting (pdf), February 14, 2011

SFR celebrates UN-declared International Year of Forests (pdf), February 4, 2011; see also Year of Forests planning document (pdf), January 4, 2011.

SFR submits Program Evaluation Narrative to CoEnv Dean (pdf), February 1, 2011.

SFR announces video competition (pdf), January 15, 2011

EFAC Report on Joint Appointments Report, December 23, 2010 (text); read EFAC report (pdf)

Building Safety Measures, December 22, 2010 (pdf)

Interim Director Hinckley approves updated SFR Student Organization Policies, (pdf) December 22, 2010

Ad-hoc commitees charged with evaluating funding proposals, Research Support Competition, Equipment Support Competition, and Student Support Competition (pdfs) November 29, 2010

SFR Competitive Opportunities 2010 (pdf) October 27, 2010

SFR Alumni Annual Event (pdf) October 22, 2010

2010-2011 Curriculum Committee Charge (pdf) October 18, 2010

Autumn 2010 Budget Cuts (pdf) October 16, 2010

Message to Students Regarding Student Clubs (pdf) October 7, 2010

FY-2011 Mid-Year Budget Reduction with attachments (budget reduction letter) and (mid-year budget cut) (pdf) September 30, 2010

Activity Based Budgeting (pdf) September 16, 2010

Further Budget Cuts 2010-2011 (pdf) September 16, 2010

Advancement and SFR: Models for discussion (pdf) August 30, 2010

Background materials for Interim Director Meeting with CoEnV Dean Graumlich (pdf) August 30, 2010

Background and detail on UW Technology's unit-funded Tech Fee (pdfs) August 24, 2010.

Tom Mentele Leaving SFR (text) July 30, 2010

Budget Cuts 2010-2011 (text) May 18, 2010

SFR Name Change Faculty Vote (text) May 14, 2010.

Letter to Governor Gregoire transmitting report of WA Agency Natural Reform ad hoc Committee (pdf) April 13, 2010. Read the report.

The Future of The Water Center (pdf) April 12, 2010

Revised Charge Letter, New Research Group (pdf) April 6, 2010

Revised Charge Letter, Lands and Educational Outreach Committee (pdf) April 6, 2010

Corkery Chair Nominations Sought (pdf) February 19, 2010

Budget Reductions for FY 2011 (text) February 10, 2010

B.Bruce Bare Endowed Professorship Awarded to Professor Gordon Bradley (text) February 5, 2010

Charge letter to BioResource Science Search Committee (pdf) January 11, 2010

Announcement of SFR Name Change Committee Final Report -[FINAL REPORT] January 4, 2010

Future of Rural Technology Initiative (pdf) December 24, 2009

New Printers in Anderson, Bloedel, and Winkenwerder #2 (pdf) December 18, 2009

New Printers in Anderson, Bloedel, and Winkenwerder (pdf) December 11, 2009

Appointment of Computing and IT Committee (pdf) December 7, 2009

Appointment of School Lands and Educational Outreach Committee (pdf) December 7, 2009

Appointment of New Research Group (pdf) December 7, 2009

Appointment of External Relations and Communications Committee(pdf) December 7, 2009

Appointment of SFR Volunteer ad hoc Committee (pdf) December 7, 2009

Appointment of WA Natural Resources Agency Reform ad hoc Committee (pdf) December 7, 2009

Acknowledgements for 2009 Annual SFR Alumni Event (pdf) November 9, 2009

Appointment of SFR Name Change ad hoc Committee (txt) October 23, 2009

Thanks for Successful Welcome Barbecue and All-School Meeting (pdf) October, 13, 2009

SR 520 Workgroup Presentation (pdf) October 8, 2009

All-School Meeting Presentation (pdf) October 7, 2009

Nominations Sought for Bare Endowed Professorship (pdf) October 7, 2009

Faculty Achievements and Recognition (pdf) October 7, 2009

Announcements: Events and Academic Program Coordinator Appointments (pdf) August 31, 2009

UW Botanic Gardens Organization (text) August 26, 2009

SFR Grant Proposal Policy (pdf) August 14, 2009

Operational/Administrative Changes (pdf) August 12, 2009

Interim Director Welcome (pdf) June 22, 2009