Indroneil Ganguly

Indroneil Ganguly

Research Assistant Professor
Forest products marketing; Forest economics

Office: Anderson 023
Phone: 206-685-8311 
Email: indro@uw.edu


B.Sc., Economics, University of Calcutta, 1996
MBA, Natural Resources and Rural Management, Indian Institute of Rural Management, 1998
Ph.D., Forest Products and Marketing, University of Washington, 2008

Courses Taught:Quarter offered:
ESRM 235 Introduction to Environmental Economics (5)Summer
Recent Publications:
Benjamin Roe, Ivan Eastin, Indroneil Ganguly. 2014. The Impact of Timber Legality Regulations on Business Practices in Vietnam. Forestry Chronicle 90(5): 651-659.
Bowers, C.T., Ganguly, I., & Eastin, I. 2014. Eco-label wood products on the U.S.: Characteristics of architects that drive the usage of certified wood and residential green building programs. Forestry Chronicle 90(5):605-613.
Pierobon, F., Ganguly, I., Bowers, T., & Eastin, I. 2014. Analyzing the role of biogenic carbon and the global warming impact assessment of bio-jet fuel. Forestry Chronicle 90(5):577-585.
Ziyi Lu, Indroneil Ganguly, Tait Bowers and Ivan L. Eastin. 2014. Chinese Companies’ reaction to the US Lacey Act Amendment: Chinese Re-Exports Sector. Forestry Chronicle 90(5):660-665.
Ganguly, I., Eastin, I., Bowers, T., & Cantrell, R. A. . 2013. Role of Green Building Programs in Enhancing the Usage of Environmentally Certified Wood in the U.S. Residential Construction Industry. International Journal of Construction Education and Research 9(3): -.
Bowers, T., Eastin, I., Ganguly, I., Cao, J., & Seol, M. . 2012. Forest certification in Asia: The changing marketplace for value-added wood product manufacturers in China and Vietnam. Forestry Chronicle 88(5): 578-584.
Ganguly, Indroneil, Eastin, I. L., & MacLachlan, D. L. . 2011. An Analysis of the US Decking Materials Market: Perceptual Mapping Approach. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 41(4): 669-681.
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